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XMPUS - Testimonials

Our association with Xmpus is about 2 years and we have immensely benefited from their Credit Rating Advisory Services. XMPUS’ deep understanding of credit rating processes and their professionalism helped us to be guided on the right lines & rewarded with rating upgrades. We look forward to receiving their continued support and advisory services in future.

- Mr. N. Visweswara Reddy, Promoter & Managing Director – Shirdi Sai Electricals Limited.

We express our appreciation for the remarkable services rendered by XMPUS as a thorough professional and appreciate for the contributions XMPUS made in achieving the desired results. XMPUS efforts have greatly surpassed the expectations we had set initially. So we are sure to count on XMPUS’s professional assistance for the benefit of our organization in the coming years. I along with Mr. P. V. Rao and Mr. N. V. Rao express our appreciation for your services and for your professionalism in your approach.

- Mr. Anup Kumar Govila. General Manager -Allen Reinforced Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

I am extremely happy with the services provided by XMPUS and I find the analysis report prepared by XMPUS, very apt and thoroughly professional, a job that is conducted after correct study and understanding of the subject matter and definitely not to fill a standardized / routine computer format. All the best.

- Mr. P. V. Rao, Director -Allen Reinforced Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

We are indeed, very delighted that our company has been assigned credit rating of CRISIL A- and CRISIL A2+ for our total bank facilities. We are well aware of XMPUS’s sincere efforts and intelligent way of presenting our Company’s profile and business performance before the Rating Agency concerned that helped us getting the desired rating. We sincerely extend our thanks to XMPUS team and anticipate continued cooperation and guidance in the surveillance aspects so that the rating status sustains, if not further improved.

- Mr. Somaraju, Director - Sri Gopikrishna Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

We had very good experience working with XMPUS. The professional approach of XMPUS with detailed understanding of business and financial assessment helped us achieve the deserving credit rating for our company. Involvement of XMPUS in Credit Rating assignment for any corporate is a definite value add. We foresee a long lasting relationship with XMPUS in the field of financial advisory.

- Mr. Manchukonda Prakasham, Managing Director - Manchukonda Prakasham Industries India Pvt. Ltd.

We are pleased with the level of professionalism at XMPUS and the end result of the Credit Rating Advisory Assignment. We look forward to a fruitful relationship with XMPUS

- Mr. Nikhil Swadi, Managing Director - Western India Transport Finance Company Pvt.

It was big debate within Supertron , whether we should use services of any rating consulting firm or not. While using the services of XMPUS we understood the great value addition done by them. They have not only analysed the figures and presented the same to rating agency but also guided us in improving our processes . We are extremely satisfied with their services and professional approach.

- Mr. Nirmal Meharia, Chief Financial Officer, Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

It has been a pleasant professional experience interacting with team XMPUS. They have given value added inputs through participation in discussion between the client and CARE. Their conduct has been professional throughout

- Mr. Ankur Sachdeva, Vice President – Marketing, CARE Ratings

The combination of Umesh and Mahendra subsumed in XUMPUS bridges the knowledge gap which many corporate experienced while pursuing rating exercise.

- Mr. R K Jain, Dy. Managing Director, Viraj Profiles Limited

I and my team at Welspun Energy have been immensely benefitted while interacting with XMPUS Financial Services for the credit rating exercise

– Mitish Somani, Vice President, Welspun Energy Limited

It was a good experience to work with XMPUS. A professional team with personalized working with company made us feel comfortable. Deep understanding of industry wide issues and related mindset is the key to success of XMPUS. We are thankful to XMPUS team and wish them great luck for future.

– Mr. Rajendra Setia - Managing Director, Ess Kay Auto Finance Pvt. Ltd.

– Mr. Atul Arora - Chief Financial Officer, Ess Kay Auto Finance Pvt. Ltd.

Every Company is different and every credit rating is different. XMPUS simplified and executed the arduous task of obtaining the credit rating for my company. I was impressed at their professionalism and dedication to efficiently complete the rating exercise and to get the rating that we deserved. I would highly recommend XMPUS.

– Jayendra Patel – Vice Chairman & Managing Director – Arman Financial Services Limited

We @ LCL are very happy to have decided enlisting the services of XMPUS for our Rating process. XMPUS team has been very interactive with the company counterparts in understanding the nuances of the business and rightly capturing the same in the detailed note which gets prepared by XMPUS for discussion with the rating agencies

- Mr. Sachin Sanghavi - Chief Financial Officer, LCL Logistix (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The team at XMPUS is totally dedicated and honest to their commitments. It was an altogether new experience of credit analysis. We are extremely proud to have them as our associate and we hope we have a long term relationship with them. We foresee XMPUS to have a major role in our credit analysis now and in the future

- Mr. Varun Gupta, Managing Director – Steel Konnect India Pvt. Ltd.

We are happy to be associated with XMPUS for their expert guidance in rating exercise. The professional services offered are excellent. We wish Team XMPUS every success.

- Mr. C J Pathak, President - Operations, Garware Polyester Limited

There is no doubt that the team of XMPUS has significant experience in the rating & risk assessment. Companies may be aptly qualified for a rating upgrade, but lack the expertise on their own in ensuring a successful outcome. This is where XMPUS shows the way not only to get that upgrade because of their extensive knowledge of the rating industry but also helped us develop solutions towards achieving that goal. Companies which are getting rated for the first time without any experience of interacting with the rating Agencies and lack of clarity on the amount of details to be shared with the Rating Agency thereby not in a position to leverage the strength and potential will find in XMPUS a solution who can do a complete hand holding of the company throughout the process to achieve the desirable rating that they so deserve. Wishing XMPUS a great success ahead.

- Mr. F.D.B. Noronha, Vice President – Finance, Garware Polyester Ltd