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Deal Structuring

Indian Corporate are slowly moving from plain vanilla funding mechanism to more complex structured finance solutions with an aim to minimize the cost of borrowings.

On the other hand, the structured finance gives clarity and distinctively identifies the cash flow stream available for debt servicing thereby reducing the perceived risk in the debt instrument.

XMPUS, backed by its experience in rating such complex transactions, provides an insight about structuring instruments thereby minimizing the risk (for the lenders) and reducing the cost of borrowings (for the corporate).

Knowledge Sharing / Outsourcing

Many boutique investment banks have to deploy their costly resources in preparing documents required to complete transactions such as CMA, project report, bid report etc.

As a result, rather than focusing on front office work, considerable time and energy gets consumed in back office work.

Xmpus provides solution to these boutique investment banks to outsource such back office work to Xmpus which will not only take care of the back office work but also add their expertise by handling queries raised by lenders, credit team and CRAs.

Risk Profiling of Investment

Post 2008, various investors such as Private Equity funds, Venture Capitalist, HNI’s etc have experienced profitable investment going bad, for want of proper risk evaluation.

Many growth/startups companies give too much focus on growth and wealth creation, however does not put adequate infrastructure to evaluate, forecast and monitor risks.

Such inappropriate handling of risks result into loss to investors despite good business ideas. Xmpus helps investors to analyze their investment portfolio from the perspective of risks and provides detail risk profile and report on their investment.

Such report from XMPUS will not only help investors to assess the risks present in their investment but also help them to take proper and timely actions such as corrective measures, exit timing etc.