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XMPUS - Clients

Since inception on July 25, 2013, XMPUS Financial Services, LLP has gradually expanded its operations across geography as well as sectors. Started from Mumbai, XMPUS has its presence in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune & Punjab. Besides, XMPUS has clients in over 14 cities and has covered over 16 sectors while handling over 110 assignments (as on March 31, 2016). With over 95% success rate, XMPUS has very high retention rate of clients for the Rating Advisory services.

XMPUS Client Acquisition

Though in a start-up phase, XMPUS has added good set of client year after year. Credit Ratings are awarded on “through the cycle basis” and hence it is really very difficult to achieve the successive upgrades over the years. That makes difficult to retain the clients as the companies would seek advisory services only on “need basis”. However, XMPUS has posted a strong client retention ratio. Though only in its 4th financial year, XMPUS has about 73% of the total clients which has been associated with XMPUS for more than 1 year (upto 4th continuing year).

Below chart shows year wise growth in client acquisition (base taken as 100 in the first year)

Growth in Client Acquisition

Rating Transition -

XMPUS, over the last 3 years of its existence, has seen sustained improvements in the credit ratings of its clients. This is predominantly due to the continuous efforts of Team XMPUS, supported by commitment from the clients. As shown below, the number of clients in a particular category has increased due to improvement in ratings. This phenomenon is missing for the clients which were in “B & Below” category (this includes unrated clients as well). Most of these clients has moved on to the next category of the ratings.

Rating Transition

As can be seen above, out of the 28% of the assignments taken by XMPUS which were rated B+ or low (including unrated), only 4% are in this bracket. Rest all have moved to the next category. Some of the examples are –

  • A company engaged in Wind Power segment had a prior rating of D which was revised to BBB- within a period of 16 months
  • An Educational institute cum hospital having prior rating of D was revised to BBB within a period of 16 months. This was further upgraded to BBB+
  • A company engaged in Distribution transformers segment having prior rating of BBB was upgraded to A- with successive upgrades
  • A trading firm having prior rating of BBB was upgraded to A- (without changing the rating agency) with successive upgrades

Sector wise break-up (%)

XMPUS has already covered over 16 sectors with major presence in sectors such as Infrastructure, Real Estate, Metals, Power and NBFC. Till May 2016, XMPUS has executed Rating Advisory assignments covering total debt of over Rs. 41,000 crores. The industry wise classification of the debt is as below -

Industry-wise & Sector-wise Debt Exposure

Cities covered (%)

With is Head Office in Mumbai, XMPUS has clientele in over 13 cities in India. Majority of the clients are located in Mumbai which comprises of about 51%

Industry-wise & Sector-wise Debt Exposure